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FiveStar 2Kva 1.5KW 12V Pure Sine Hybrid Solar Inverter

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Introducing the FiveStar 2Kva 1.5kw Solar-Inverter Pure Sine Hybrid, the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable power conversion in solar energy systems. This cutting-edge inverter is designed to meet the demands of off-grid and hybrid setups, delivering the benefits of pure sine wave technology and the eco-friendly advantages of solar energy.

Specifications FiveStar 2Kva 1.5kw Solar-Inverter Pure Sine Hybrid:

  • Capacity: 2000VA (2Kva)
  • Power Output: 1500W (1.5KW)
  • Input Voltage: 12VDC
  • Output Voltage: 220VAC
  • Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Built-in Solar Charge Controller: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
  • Compatible with Mains Voltage and can charge batteries

Product Features:

  • Robust 2Kva capacity and 1.5KW power output, suitable for residential and small commercial applications.
  • 12V input voltage for seamless integration with standard solar panels and battery banks, ensuring optimal energy utilization and storage.
  • Pure sine wave output provides clean and stable electricity, offering a consistent power supply to sensitive devices.
  • Advanced hybrid technology intelligently switches between solar power, battery power, and grid power, maximizing renewable energy sources and reducing reliance on the grid for cost savings.
  • User-friendly interface with comprehensive display and built-in protections against overvoltage, overload, short circuit, and overheating for easy installation and operation.
  • Sleek and compact design, saving space in your solar energy setup.
  • Auto restart function ensures uninterrupted power during AC recovery.
  • Smart battery charger design optimizes battery performance for extended lifespan.
  • Cold start function for added convenience during power outages.

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