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Fivestar 5.5KVA 5KW 48v Pure Sine PWM Hybrid Solar Inverter

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Introducing the Fivestar 5.5KVA 5KW 48v Pure Sine PWM Hybrid Solar Inverter – the perfect solution for those seeking reliable and efficient power for their home or business. This advanced hybrid inverter is designed to seamlessly integrate with solar panels and batteries, providing clean and stable power at all times.

Elevate your power supply to new heights with the Fivestar 5.5KVA 5KW 48V Hybrid Solar Inverter. Designed to meet the energy needs of both households and businesses, this state-of-the-art hybrid inverter seamlessly integrates with your solar panels and battery storage, ensuring a consistent and reliable power source around the clock.

Features – Fivestar 5.5KVA 5KW 48v Pure Sine PWM Hybrid Solar Inverter:

  • Robust 5.5KVA output capacity and 48V input voltage for powering various appliances and electronics.
  • Pure sine wave inverter technology safeguards sensitive devices against power surges and voltage fluctuations.
  • Built-in 80Amp PWM solar charge controller optimizes solar energy utilization and extends battery life.
  • User-friendly LCD display provides essential system information, including battery voltage, solar input, and load usage.
  • Rugged construction enables operation in diverse weather conditions and extreme temperatures.
  • Auto-restart function activates during AC power recovery, ensuring continuous operation.
  • Comprehensive overload and short circuit protection keeps your devices and system safe.
  • Smart battery charger design enhances battery performance, providing longevity and reliability.
  • Cold start capability ensures your system remains functional even in adverse conditions.

Product Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 48V
  • Output Capacity: 5500VA / 5000W
  • Output Voltage: 220VAC
  • Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
  • Solar Charge Controller: Built-in, 80Amp PWM
  • Compatibility: Compatible with mains voltage, capable of charging batteries
  • Auto Restart: Yes
  • Protection Features: Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery Charger Design: Smart Design for Optimal Battery Performance
  • Start-Up: Cold Start Capability

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