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Bentley 1166 Kids Ride On Car


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Introducing the Bentley 1166 Kids Ride On Car – where luxury meets playtime for your young trendsetter! This sleek ride-on car, powered by a sophisticated 12V battery, is designed to provide a premium and thrilling driving experience for children who appreciate the finer things in life.

Features – Bentley 1166 Kids Ride On Car:

  1. 12V Battery Operated: Elevate playtime with the power and endurance of the 12V battery, ensuring an extended and exciting ride for your budding car enthusiast.
  2. 2.4G Remote Control: Whether guided by a parent or navigating independently, the 2.4G remote control offers seamless control, providing peace of mind for parents during every joyous drive.
  3. LED Lights: Experience the allure of the Bentley 1166 with enchanting LED lights that not only enhance the aesthetic but also ensure visibility for added safety during play.
  4. Music Player: Transform each journey into a symphony of fun with the built-in music player. Your child can enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising in style.
  5. Available in Metallic Blue or Red: Tailor the Bentley 1166 to your child’s taste with a choice of sleek metallic blue or vibrant red, adding a touch of sophistication to their playtime.
  6. Size: With dimensions of 103 x 56 x 55cm, this ride-on car provides a comfortably spacious cockpit for your child’s driving adventures.

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