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Black Friday 12V 150AH Deep Cycle Gel battery


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Introducing the Black Friday 12V 150AH Deep Cycle Gel Battery, your reliable power source for various applications. Whether you need standby power, cycle use, or backup energy, this battery delivers consistent and efficient performance.

Features – Black Friday 12V 150AH Deep Cycle Gel battery:

Versatile Power Solution: Equipped with button-style terminals and a convenient handle for easy carrying, this 12V 150 Amp rechargeable gel deep cycle battery meets a wide range of applications. These applications include alarm systems, emergency lighting, standby power supplies, telecommunication systems, computer backup, solar setups, wind power, and more.

Charge with Precision: The battery’s charging voltage varies depending on usage. For standby use, maintain a voltage range of 13.50-13.80V, while cycle use requires 14.40-14.80V. This ensures optimal charging and extends the battery’s lifespan.

Safety First: To ensure safety, avoid short circuits, keep the battery away from flammable materials, and never charge it in a sealed container. It’s essential to recharge the battery immediately after discharge to maintain its functionality.

Rugged and Reliable: The battery’s robust design features a non-conductive ABS plastic case, providing excellent resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals, weather, and heat. Installation is a breeze, and the battery requires no maintenance, allowing you to rely on it without hassle.

Ventilation Matters: It’s crucial to use this battery in well-ventilated areas to prevent any buildup of gases. Avoid using it where there is no proper ventilation to ensure safety.


  • Battery Type: Gel Battery
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Capacity: 150 Ampere-Hours (AH)
  • Terminal Type: Button Style Terminals
  • Charging Voltage:
    • Standby Use: 13.50-13.80 Volts
    • Cycle Use: 14.40-14.80 Volts
  • Application: Suitable for various applications, including but not limited to:
    • Alarm Systems
    • Emergency Lighting Systems
    • Standby Power Supplies
    • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Telecommunication Systems
    • Computer Standby Power Supply Systems
    • Solar Power Systems
    • Wind Power Systems
  • Caution:
    • Avoid Short Circuit
    • Keep Away From Flammable Materials
    • Do Not Charge In A Sealed Container
    • Recharge Immediately After Discharge
  • Rugged Design: Constructed with a non-conductive ABS plastic battery case that provides strong resistance to:
    • Shock
    • Vibration
    • Chemicals
    • Weather Conditions
    • Heat
  • Maintenance-Free: Requires no maintenance for your convenience
  • Ventilation: Ensure use in well-ventilated areas due to gas emissions
  • Handle: Integrated handle for easy carrying and installation


  • All batteries have been tested for quality control in the factory and once again in our distribution center for a 100% working order.
  • All batteries cannot be drained of more than 50% of their power. If one uses it or drains it below 50%, it will ruin the battery. We will not be held responsible for this.
  • All batteries should be used with a charge controller to control the usage and draining and set to cut off at 12.2v. We strongly recommend that you use a qualified installer.


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