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Deye 12000 BTU Solar Air Conditioner (DGWA2-ACDCBLW-12K)

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Elevate your cooling experience with the groundbreaking 12000-BTU Solar Air Conditioner by Deye. This revolutionary unit exemplifies cutting-edge innovation in energy-efficient cooling, offering unparalleled comfort while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Features – Deye 12000 BTU Solar Air Conditioner:

Effortless Daytime Energy Savings:

Powered solely by solar panels, the 12000-BTU Solar Air Conditioner ensures an impressive 100% energy saving during daylight hours. With a T3 compressor and an AC grid power limiter finely regulating AC power between 0-600W, this system delivers precision in energy management.

Flexible Solar Air Conditioner Power Modes:

Choose between AC power mode, DC power mode, or the intelligent AC/DC mix power supply. This system streamlines operation by eliminating inverters, batteries, and charge controllers, embracing full DC power utilization.

Efficiency Around the Clock 12000-BTU:

The Deye hybrid ACDC solar air conditioner requires just a few PV panels for substantial savings. Operate the unit partly or up to 100% using its independent solar panels during the day, ensuring peak efficiency. Even during nighttime operation, its remarkable efficiency continues to save energy.

Smart Control and Monitoring:

Experience complete control through the integrated WiFi functionality. Customize daily and weekly timers and access comprehensive visibility into AC and DC consumption, along with a detailed history of power consumption.

For optimal performance, consider (3 – 4)* 330W solar panels in series. Please note that solar panels are sold separately.

With a sleek design, the indoor unit measures 845 x 205 x 295 mm, weighing 9kg, while the outdoor unit measures 802 x 564 x 323 mm, with a weight of 34kg. Choose the 12000-BTU Solar Air Conditioner and embrace the future of efficient cooling.

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