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FiveStar 1200W 12V Hybrid UPS Inverter AL1212-FS

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Introducing the FiveStar 1200W 12V Hybrid UPS Inverter AL1212-FS, a versatile and reliable solution for seamless power backup and management. This inverter is built to handle various power conditions, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply for your devices and appliances.

Features FiveStar 1200W 12V Hybrid UPS Inverter AL1212-FS:

Powerful Performance: With a wattage of 1200W, this inverter is capable of efficiently handling a wide range of appliances and devices.

Flexible Input: The inverter operates at a 12V DC input, offering versatility for your power setup.

Steady Output: Enjoy a stable output voltage of 220VAC/110VAC, ensuring your devices receive consistent power.

Adaptable Frequency: The inverter auto-senses frequency at 50-60Hz, catering to different power sources.

Pure Sinewave: Benefit from a clean and reliable power waveform, suitable for sensitive electronics.

Quick Transfers: Experience swift transfer times of under 8ms between AC to DC and DC to AC modes.

Reliable Protection: Equipped with input and output circuit breakers, your devices and the inverter are safeguarded against power fluctuations.

Battery Compatibility: The inverter supports AGM-Deep Cycle, GEL, and LIFEPO4 batteries, with charging current of 29A.

Solar Integration: Connect solar panels for efficient energy generation with a maximum PV array power of 1600W.

Smart MPPT/PWM: Maximize solar utilization with MPPT/PWM input voltage ranges of 12V: 15-50VDC and 24V: 30V-105VDC.

Efficiency Focus: Enjoy energy efficiency exceeding 98%, reducing wastage and minimizing operational costs.

Comprehensive Package: The package includes a battery fuse, user manual, and power cable for easy setup.


  • Model: 1212


  • Voltage (DC) 12V
  • Nominal Voltage 220VAC/110VAC
  • Voltage Range 154-265VAC/77-135VAC
  • Frequency 50-60Hz Auto sensing


  • Watt 1200W
  • Voltage 220VAC/110VAC(+ 10% ups mode)
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • Waveform Pure sinewave
  • Transfer time(AC to DC) <8ms
  • Transfer time(DC to AC) <8ms
  • Output voltage regulation 10%rms
  • Bypass Mode Yes
  • Saver Mode Yes
  • Efficiency >98%


  • Input Protection Circuit Breaker
  • Output Protection Circuit Breaker


  • Battery Type AGM-Deep Cycle,GEL,LIFEPO4
  • Up to 500Ah
  • Charging current 19A


  • Maximum PV array power 12V:800W 24V:1600W
  • MPPT/PWM input voltage range 12V:PWM 15-50VDC 24V:PWM 30V-105VDC
  • Maximum PV array open circuit voltage: 12V:PWM50VDC 24V:PWM105VDC 60A
  • Maximum solar charging current: 60A

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