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Fivestar 24V 3.5KVA 3.5KW 80A Hybrid Inverter And Fivestar Lithium Battery 25.6V 100AH 2.56KWH

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Introducing our FiverStar solar kit which includes a Fivestar 24V 3.5KVA 3.5KW 80A Hybrid Inverter And Fivestar Lithium Battery 25.6V 100AH 2.56KWH.

Fivestar 24V 3.5KVA 3.5KW 80A Hybrid Inverter And Fivestar Lithium Battery 25.6V 100AH 2.56KWH

Inverter – Fivestar 24V 3.5KVA 3.5KW 80A Hybrid Inverter:

The Fivestar Hybrid 24V 3.5KVA 3.5KW 80A Inverter is a powerful and reliable backup power solution that allows you to run multiple appliances simultaneously, including a kettle, microwave oven, lights, television, and wifi. With its 24V and 3500w output and pure sine wave inverter technology, you’ll be able to enjoy load-shedding while others are not.

This hybrid inverter is compatible with mains voltage and can charge batteries. It features an auto restart function while the AC is recovering and comes with multiple safety features such as overload and short circuit protection. Its smart battery charger design ensures optimized battery performance and it also has a cold start function.

In the box, you’ll find the inverter itself along with user instructions. With the Fivestar Hybrid Inverter, you’ll be the envy of your neighbors during load-shedding!


  • Pure sine wave inverter technology
  • Compatible with mains voltage and can charge batteries
  • Auto restart function while AC is recovering
  • Multiple safety features: overload and short circuit protection
  • Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
  • Cold start function


Inverter Mode:

  • Rated Power:3500VA/3500W
  • DC Input: 24VDC, 162A
  • AC Output:230VAC, 50Hz, 15.2A, 1¢

AC Charger Mode:

  • AC Input:230VAC, 50Hz, 22.3A, 1¢
  • DC Output:27VDC,60A
  • AC Output:230VAC, 50Hz, 15.2A, 1 ¢

Solar Charger Mode:

  • Ingress Protection: IP21 (Indoor use)
  • Rated Current:80A
  • System Voltage:24VDC
  • Best Vmp Range: 300-400VDC
  • Min. Solar Voltage:120VDC
  • Max. Solar Voltage:(VOC): 500VDC

Battery – Fivestar Lithium Battery 25.6V 100AH 2.56KWH:

Introducing the Fivestar 25.6V 150AH 3.8Kwh Lithium Battery LiFePO4, a powerhouse of reliable energy storage with cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate technology. This advanced battery boasts a nominal voltage of 25.6V, ensuring consistent and efficient power delivery for your applications.

Designed to meet the demands of high-performance devices, the Fivestar Battery can handle a maximum charge current of 50A, allowing for swift recharging. With a maximum continuous discharge current of 120A, it delivers a steady and powerful flow of energy to your devices.

Flexibility and expandability are at your fingertips, as the battery supports 1 to 5 parallels connection, enabling you to scale your power storage needs with ease. Its quick recharge time of just 2 hours ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

One of the standout features of this lithium battery is its ability to discharge to 95% Depth of Discharge (DoD), offering extended usability and optimal utilization of stored energy.

Fivestar engineers the Lithium Battery for durability, with a performance cycle life that exceeds 6000 cycles. Its longevity and reliability make it a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice, as it significantly reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Safety and security are paramount, and this battery delivers peace of mind. Built with safety features and advanced engineering, it ensures secure operation in various environments and applications.


  • Product Title: Fivestar 25.6V 150AH 3.8Kwh Lithium Battery LiFePO4
  • Nominal Voltage: 25.6V
  • Max Charge Current: 50A
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 120A
  • Parallels Connection: 1-5
  • Recharge Time: Fully rechargeable in 2 hours
  • Depth of Discharge (DoD): Can be discharged to 95%
  • Performance Cycle Life: > 6000 cycles
  • Technology: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Fivestar Hybrid Inverter 24V 3.5KVA 3.5KW 80A MPPT
  • 1 x User instructions
  • 1x Wall mount bracket
  • 1x Communication Cable
  • 1x Battery Cable
  • 1x Mounting Screw

2 Years Repair Warranty

Wifi Dongle not included


A qualified electrical wireman or Master electrician with a valid registration with the Department of Labour must install all inverters and batteries. A valid electrical certificate of compliance (COC) must be issued once installed, specific to the installation of the backup or solar system. The installation must be compliant with SANS 10142 and ALL its parts. Any warranty claim submitted without installation photos, a valid COC and proof of a qualified wireman/master electrician installing the unit, can be rejected and will render the warranty claim null at void.

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