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FiveStar 25.6V 100Ah 2.56kWh Lithium Battery LiFePO4 FS-G01-24100

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Introducing the FiveStar 25.6V 100Ah 2.56kWh Lithium Battery LiFePO4 FS-G01-24100: Your Powerhouse Energy Solution

When it comes to dependable, cutting-edge energy storage, the FiveStar Lithium Battery is your ultimate choice. Packed with advanced technology and exceptional durability. This battery is here to transform the way you power your devices, systems, and equipment.

Features – FiveStar 25.6V 100Ah 2.56kWh Lithium Battery LiFePO4:

  • Unleash the Power: With a capacity of 2.56 kWh. The FiveStar Lithium Battery ensures you have an uninterrupted power supply whenever you need it. Its 25.6V voltage and 100Ah capacity make it a true powerhouse, capable of handling high-demand applications with ease.
  • Advanced LiFePO4 Technology: This battery is powered by advanced LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) technology. Providing exceptional performance, a longer cycle life, and enhanced safety compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Count on the FiveStar Lithium Battery for consistent power, even in demanding environments.
  • Unrivaled Efficiency: Bid farewell to wasted energy with the FiveStar Lithium Battery’s impressive charge and discharge efficiency, ensuring maximum utilization of stored energy. Reduced energy costs, longer operating times, and a smaller carbon footprint make it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Long-Lasting Reliability: Built to last, this battery can withstand hundreds, if not thousands, of charge-discharge cycles, outperforming traditional batteries by a significant margin. Whether for backup power or primary energy storage, it delivers optimal performance throughout its lifetime.
  • Built for Safety: Safety is paramount, and the FiveStar Lithium Battery is equipped with comprehensive safety features, including overcharge and over-discharge protection, as well as temperature control mechanisms to prevent overheating.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from powering electric and recreational vehicles to providing off-grid energy for cabins and solar systems. Its compact design and lightweight construction make installation hassle-free.

Invest in the Future: Upgrade your energy storage system with the FiveStar Lithium Battery 25.6V 100Ah 2.56 kWh Battery LiFePO4 and experience the future of power. Whether you’re off-grid, embracing renewable energy, or need reliable backup power, this battery will exceed your expectations in efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.


  • Usable Capacity: 2560WH
  • Nominal Voltage: 25.6V
  • Voltage Range: 21.6-29.2
  • Max Continuous Charge Current: 55A
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 100A
  • Display Screen: LCD
  • Depth of Discharge (DOD): ≥95%
  • Modules Connection: 1~10 in parallel
  • Cycle Life: ≥5000 @ 25ºC, 80% DOD
  • Max Charging Voltage: 29.2V
  • Floating Charging Voltage: 28.8V
  • Max Charging Current: 50A
  • Cut-off Voltage: 21.6V

To safeguard the lifespan of the battery, its design holds back a percentage of the total capacity.

2 Years Repair Warranty


All inverters and batteries must be installed by a qualified electrical wireman or Master electrician with a valid registration with the Department of Labour. A valid electrical certificate of compliance (COC) must be issued once installed, specific to the installation of the backup or solar system. Any warranty claim submitted without installation photos, a valid COC and proof of a qualified wireman/master electrician installing the unit, can be rejected and will render the warranty claim null at void.

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