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Fivestar 3kva 3KW 24V PWM Hybrid Inverter and 2 x 12V 120AH Gel Batteries Combo kit

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Introducing the Fivestar 3kva 3KW 24V PWM Hybrid Inverter and 2 x 12V 120AH Gel Batteries Combo kit – the ultimate solution for your power needs! This state-of-the-art inverter battery kit boasts a powerful 3kva capacity. Providing enough energy to power a variety of appliances and devices with ease. With high-quality PWM technology. Providing a stable and reliable power output that ensures your appliances run smoothly without any interruption.

Inverter – Fivestar 3kva 3KW 24V PWM Hybrid Inverter and 2 x 12V 120AH Gel Batteries Combo kit:


Features – Fivestar 3kva 3KW 24V PWM Hybrid Inverter:

  1. Advanced Hybrid Technology: Ensures maximum efficiency and durability for reliable power solutions.
  2. 24V Battery System: Powers multiple devices for extended periods, perfect for handling power outages.
  3. User-Friendly LCD Display: Monitors real-time system performance, including battery voltage, power output, and charging status.
  4. Easy Installation: Hassle-free setup for users of all expertise levels.
  5. Comprehensive Protection: Guards against voltage fluctuations, short circuits, and overloads, ensuring appliance safety and longevity.
  6. Compact & Durable: Space-saving design with robust construction, making it ideal for homes, offices, or businesses.
  7. Uninterrupted Power Supply: Provides a continuous and reliable power source for various situations.

Specifications – Fivestar 3kva 3KW 24V PWM Hybrid Inverter:

  • Model Name: HW 3024
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-55C

Inverter Mode:

  • Rated Power: 3000VA/3000W
  • DC Input: 24VDC, 100A
  • AC Output: 230VAC, 50Hz, 13A

AC Charger Mode:

  • AC Input: 230VAC, 50Hz, 17.7A
  • DC Output 27VDC,30A/20A
  • AC Output: 230VAC, 50HZ, 13A

Solar Charger Mode:

  • Rated Current:60A
  • System Voltage:24VDC
  • Max. Solar Voltage(VOC) 80VDC


  • Limited 12 Months Warranty

Battery Description:


Features – 2 x 12V 120AH Gel Batteries Combo kit:

Battery Type:

  • 12V 120 Amp Rechargeable Gel Deep Cycle Battery
  • Equipped with a Convenient Handle for Carrying


  • Suitable for Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting Systems, Standby Power Supply, and Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Compatible with Telecommunication Systems, Computer Standby Power Supply Systems, Solar and Wind Power Applications


  • Avoid Short Circuits and Keep Away from Flammable Materials
  • Do Not Charge the Battery in a Sealed Container
  • Recharge the Battery Immediately After Discharge

Robust Design:

  • Battery Case Crafted from Non-Conductive ABS Plastic
  • Offers Strong Resistance to Shock, Vibration, Chemicals, Weather, and Heat
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance-Free Operation
Battery Notes:
  1. All batteries have been tested for quality control in the factory and once again in our distribution center for a 100% working order.
  2. All batteries cannot be drained of more than 50% of their power. If one uses it or drains it below 50%, it will ruin the battery. We will not be held responsible for this.
  3. All batteries should be used with a charge controller to control the usage and draining and set to cut off at 12.2v. We strongly recommend that you use a qualified installer.

Use Cases:

  • Inverters
  • UPS systems
  • Electrical Tools
  • Boats or Caravans
  • Electrical Vehicle
  • Solar Lights or Solar pumps


  • 12 Volt DC
  • 120Amp Hours
  • Net Weight: 28Kg
  • Measurements: 410 x 190 x 275mm (L x B x H)


Battery brand may differ.

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