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Fivestar 3P Solar Surge Protective


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The Fivestar 3P solar surge protective device is an ECO-3P DC 1000V 20-40KA Solar PV Surge protective device. Its model number is ECO_DCSPD-3P-1000V and it has 3 poles. It has a classified test of Ⅱ and a Un (V DC) of 1000. Its In(8/20)us (kA) is 20 and its Imax(8/20)us (kA) is 40.

The device is designed to be installed with H35-7.5/DIN35 steel mounting rail and can be used in environments with no obvious shock and vibration, at altitudes of ≤ 2000m, and with relative humidity of 30%~90%. It has a working temperature range of -3.0~+70°C and a protection class of IP40.

This surge protective device protects your solar PV system from power surges and voltage spikes that can damage your equipment. With its high Un (V DC) of 1000 and its ability to handle In(8/20)us (kA) of 20 and Imax(8/20)us (kA) of 40, this device provides reliable protection for your system.

Its compact design allows for easy installation with H35-7.5/DIN35 steel mounting rail, and its robust construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of use in a variety of environments. With its high level of protection and reliable performance, the Fivestar 3P solar surge protective device is an excellent choice for anyone looking to safeguard their solar PV system.

Specifications – Fivestar 3P Solar Surge Protective:

  • Item: DC surge protector
  • Model Number: ECO_DCSPD-3P-1000V
  • Pole: 3P
  • Classified test: Ⅱ
  • Un (V DC): 1000
  • In(8/20)us (kA): 20
  • Imax(8/20)us (kA): 40

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