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FiveStar 8.5KVA 6.5KW WIFI 48v Pure Sine Hybrid Solar MPPT Inverter

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Introducing the FiveStar 8.5KVA 6.5KW WIFI 48v Pure Sine Hybrid Solar MPPT Inverter. A cutting-edge and high-performance solar inverter that brings the power of renewable energy to your fingertips. This advanced inverter is designed to provide reliable and efficient power conversion. Making it an ideal choice for homes, businesses, and off-grid applications.

The FiveStar Hybrid Solar Inverter features a powerful 8.5KVA (6.5KW) output capacity, making it capable of handling a wide range of energy demands. With its pure sine wave output, it ensures stable and clean power for your sensitive electronics, ensuring that your appliances, devices, and equipment run smoothly and without interruptions.

The FiveStar 8.5KVA 6.5KW WIFI 48v Inverter is also a hybrid inverter, which means it can seamlessly switch between different power sources as solar power, batteries, and the grid, depending on the availability of energy. This allows for a flexible and reliable power supply, ensuring that your energy needs are always met, even during power outages.

Specifications – FiveStar 8.5KVA 6.5KW WIFI 48v Hybrid Solar MPPT Inverter:

  • Model: FS-1008
  • Item Code:WO8548 WiFi
  • Color: Blue and White Operating Temperature Range: 0-55°C

Inverter Mode:

  • Rated Power: 8500VA/6500W
  • DC Input: 48VDC.127A
  • Grid Output: 230VAC, 50/60Hz.23.9A

AC Charger Mode:

  • Grid Input: 230VAC 50/60Hz,38.5A
  • DC Output: 54VDC,
  • Max 80A, Default 30A
  • AC Output: 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 23.9A

Solar Charger Mode:

  • Rated Power: 6000W
  • Max charger:120A
  • Nominal operating voltage:240VDC
  • Max. Solar Voltage(VOC):500VDC
    MPPT Voltage range: 120-450VDC


  • 12 months warranty
  • Wifi Dongle Not Included But Sold Seperately

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