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Fivestar 8″ Rechargeable Mini Fan With Light


Experience refreshing comfort with the Fivestar 8″ Rechargeable Mini Fan With Light – your perfect companion for a breezy Spring and Summer!

Introducing the compact solution for conquering the heat and enhancing your comfort during warmer seasons. This portable fan is meticulously designed to keep you cool and at ease, no matter where you are.

Features – Fivestar 8″ Rechargeable Mini Fan With Light:

Tailored Cooling:

Indulge in cooling bliss through the Fivestar Mini Fan’s three power modes. Adjust the airflow to your preference, ensuring optimal comfort in every scenario.

Versatile Night Companion:

Elevate your evenings with the integrated night light function. This feature not only offers subtle illumination but also sets a relaxing mood – a perfect addition to your bedside table.

Convenient USB Recharge:

Bid farewell to disposable batteries! Equipped with USB rechargeability, this fan is an eco-friendly choice that saves you money in the long run.

Extended Battery Life:

Revel in up to 9 hours of uninterrupted cooling on a single charge. The Fivestar Mini Fan guarantees day and night refreshment, no matter where your adventures lead.

Adaptable Angles:

Take control of the breeze’s direction with multi-angle functionality. Adjust the fan’s position to suit your preferences and ensure every corner of your space enjoys perfect cooling.


Travel-Friendly Design:

Crafted to be your on-the-go cooling solution, the Fivestar Mini Fan boasts a compact size of 25.8×10.2×33.8cm. With a weight of only 790g, effortless portability is guaranteed – making it an ideal companion for journeys, workspaces, and beyond.

This device is more than just a cooling tool; it’s a lifestyle enhancer that accompanies you through the seasons, infusing each moment with a breath of fresh air.

Experience the breeze, relish inconvenience, and embrace the tranquil ambiance provided by the Fivestar Rechargeable Mini Fan. Elevate your Spring and Summer with a touch of contemporary comfort. Secure yours today and stay cool the Fivestar way!

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