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FiveStar 8KVA 6kw 48v Inverter And Fivestar LiFePo4 Lithium Battery 51.2V 100AH 5.12KWH kit


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Introducing the ultimate power solution: the FiveStar 8KVA 6kw 48v Inverter And Fivestar LiFePo4 Lithium Battery 51.2V 100AH 5.12KWH kit. Embrace a new era of energy efficiency with the FiveStar 8KVA 6kw 48v Pure Sine Hybrid Solar MPPT Inverter – a cutting-edge powerhouse designed for solar panel integration. With the Fivestar LiFePo4 Lithium Battery 51.2V 100AH 5.12KWH, you’re harnessing the epitome of performance, capacity, and reliability. Kick start your off grid journey with the FiveStar 8KVA 6kw 48v Inverter And Fivestar LiFePo4 Lithium Battery 51.2V 100AH 5.12KWH kit.

Inverter Description – FiveStar 8KVA 6kw 48v Pure Sine Hybrid Solar MPPT Inverter:

The FiveStar 8KVA 6kw 48v Pure Sine Hybrid Solar MPPT Inverter is a high-performance, advanced inverter designed for use with solar panels. It features a hybrid design, which means it can work with both solar power and utility power, providing a seamless transition between the two. The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology ensures that the inverter always operates at its maximum efficiency, maximizing the output of the solar panels.

One of the key features of this inverter is its pure sine wave output. The highest-quality waveform for powering sensitive electronic devices is a perfect sine wave or a waveform that is very close to it. The close-to-perfect sine wave produced by the FiveStar-Sunmagic 8KVA 48v Pure Sine Hybrid Solar MPPT Inverter makes it an ideal choice for powering sensitive electronic equipment in homes, offices, and other locations.

The 8KVA power rating of this inverter means it can handle large loads and provide enough power to run multiple appliances at the same time. It also has a 48v input voltage, which is compatible with most solar panel systems. To ensure safe and reliable operation, the inverter is equipped with advanced safety features such as overvoltage, under voltage, and overload protection.


Inverter Mode:

  • Rated Power:8000VA/6000W
  • DC Input: 48VDC,119A
  • AC Output: 230VAC, 50/60Hz,22A,1 ¢

AC Charger Mode:

  • AC Input:230VAC, 50Hz,35A,1 ¢
  • DC Output:54VDC, 100A
  • AC Output:230VAC,50/60Hz,22A,1¢

Solar Charger Mode:

  • Ingress Protection: IP21 (Indoor use) Rated Current:100A
  • Rated Power: 5500W CE
  • Min. Solar Voltage:120VDC
  • Best Vmp Range:300-400VDC
  • Max.Solar Voltage:(VOC):500VDC

Product Features:

  • Hybrid inverter that works with both solar power and utility power
  • Seamless transition between solar power and utility power
  • Built-in solar controller to maximize the output of the solar panels
  • Solar controller prevents overcharging of the battery, increasing the battery’s lifespan
  • Built-in UPS function ensures uninterrupted power supply during power outages
  • Suitable for running small to medium-sized loads
  • Pure sine wave output waveform for clean and stable power
  • Communication interface for remote monitoring and control
  • User-selectable battery type for greater flexibility
  • Ideal for use in homes, offices, and other locations where power outages are common
WIFI DONGLE included with the inverter.

Limited 12 Months Warranty

Battery Description – Fivestar LiFePo4 Lithium Battery 51.2V 100AH 5.12KWH:

Introducing the Fivestar LiFePo4 Lithium Battery 51.2V 100AH 5.12KWH – the ultimate power solution for your energy needs. This cutting-edge lithium battery packs a punch with its impressive capacity and advanced technology, delivering reliable and efficient performance like never before.

Product Features:

  1. High Capacity: The Fivestar LiFePo4 Lithium Battery has a 100AH capacity, offering a substantial 5.12KWH of power for extended energy usage.
  2. Versatile Applications: Whether it’s for off-grid cabins, or backup power needs, this battery is adaptable to various applications.
  3. Optimized Voltage: Operating at 51.2V, the battery ensures high energy density and efficient power output while minimizing space requirements.
  4. LiFePo4 Chemistry: Built on Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, the battery guarantees superior safety, stability, and longevity. Making it a durable and reliable energy storage solution.
  5. Advanced Battery Management: Equipped with sophisticated battery management systems, the battery ensures efficient charge and discharge cycles. Maximizing performance and extending its lifespan.
  6. Sleek Design: The battery features a compact and sleek design, making it easy to install and suitable for diverse settings.
  7. Portability: Its lightweight construction allows for easy portability. Enabling you to take it along on camping trips, RV journeys, or remote worksites.
  8. Real-Time Monitoring: The battery includes an intelligent management system that provides real-time monitoring of voltage, current, and temperature for optimal performance.
  9. Built-in Protection: With safeguards against overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuits, your investment is well-protected and secure.

This battery is designed to hold back a percentage of the total capacity to safeguard the lifespan of the battery

2 Years Repair Warranty


All inverters and batteries must be installed by a qualified electrical wireman or Master electrician with a valid registration with the Department of Labour. A valid electrical certificate of compliance (COC) must be issued once installed, specific to the installation of the backup or solar system. The installation must be compliant with SANS 10142 and ALL its parts. Any warranty claim submitted without installation photos, a valid COC and proof of a qualified wireman/master electrician installing the unit, can be rejected and will render the warranty claim null at void.

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