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FiveStar Hybrid Inverter Trolley SP 1000W 12v PWM Deep Cycle Gel Portable Solar Ready kit

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FiveStar Hybrid Inverter Trolley SP 1000W 12v PWM Deep Cycle Gel Portable Solar Ready kit

The perfect solution for load shedding!

The all-in-one portable plug & play inverter battery trolley system  (Heavy Duty Inverter Trolley) Eazy portable compact unit with lock wheels as well as handles to carry the system.

What is an all-in-one portable plug & play inverter system and what does it do?

It is an inverter unit connected to a battery that provides power when there is load shedding. It will charge your battery once the power is on. As soon as load shedding hits, your inverter system instantly transfers over to battery power. This will allow you to keep your lights, TV, computers,  chargers, and wifi running during load shedding. Solar ready : Add a solar panel and charge your batteries when there is no power.

How much battery backup power will I have when the power is off?

If you connect 100w which is usually a TV, Wifi, Lights, etc. This portable system will last 6 Hours.

Inverter Specifications & Fixtures :


  • Hybrid solar inverter
  • Pure sine wave + solar controller
  • Germany Technology


  • Model: SP1000W-12V-PWM
  • Capacity: 1000W
  • DC Input: 12 VDC
  • AC Input: 220VAC,50Hz
  • Solar Charger Range: PWM-12
  • Rated Current: 30A
  • Best Vmp Range: 15-20VDC
  • Operating Voltage Range: 15-50VDC
  • Max.Solar Voltage (VOC): 30VDC

How to maximize battery life:

Keep your inverter system plugged in and switched on, this will keep your batteries at full charge.

Size & Weight:

  • Dimensions: 423 x 260 x 453
  • Weight: +-30 KG

This all-in-one system Includes:

  • 1x Fivestar Hybrid Inverter Trolley SP 1000W 12v PWM Gel Portable Solar Ready kit
  • 1x 100 Ah Gel Battery (Rated 250-300 cycles)

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