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Fivestar Portable Rechargeable Solar Backup Power Station 300W MPPT Gel Battery

Original price was: R4500.00.Current price is: R3999.00.

Features – Fivestar Portable Rechargeable Solar Backup Power Station 300W MPPT Gel Battery:

Pure Sine Wave: Has a 220-230V AC socket with pure sine wave that provide a stable power supply for long-range devices such as laptops and projectors. 3 DC connections and a car port can supply 12V for your car accessories such as car vacuum and car pump. 3 USB ports, including 2 5V-2.4A, meet all the requirements for charging electronics.

Solar Charging: Can connect the included 30watt solar panel to charge when you are outdoors.

Charging Ways: You can use AC wall outlets, 12V lighter socket on your car and solar panel (included) to charge this lithium power plant when the socket is unavailable, the LCD display shows the current charging proportion and charging power.

Provides you with electricity everywhere: Ideal for camping and camping, for outdoor activities, in the garden. Suitable for the fast power supply of sensitive devices such as batteries, cell phones, computers, coffee machines, CPAP, etc..

Is LiFePO4 better than lithium ion? The LiFePO4 battery has the edge over lithium ion, both in terms of cycle life (it lasts 4-5x longer), and safety. This is a key advantage because lithium ion batteries can overheat and even catch fire, while LiFePO4 does not.

Specifications – Fivestar Portable Rechargeable Solar Backup Power Station 300W MPPT Gel Battery:

  • Color: Orange/Black
  • DC Input: 18V
  • Car-mounted outlet: 12V-10A
  • AC Output Port: 220-230V-3A 50HZ
  • General Value: 300W
  • Peak Value: 600W
  • USB Output Port: 2*5V=2.4A
  • Cycle Times: >=800
  • Using Temperature: -10-40
  • Charging Temperature: 0-40
  • Protection System: Overcharging Protection, Over discharging Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Over-temperature
  • Protection, Short-circuit Protection, Overvoltage Protection

Battery Information:

  • Battery Type: Gel Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Package Weight: 6.7kg
  • Product Size: 27.50 x 17.00 x 21.50 cm

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 300w 220v Power Station
  • 1 x Car-mounted Charging Cable
  • 1 x AC Charging Cable
  • 1 x 5in1 Mobile Phone Charge Adapter
  • 2 x Indoor LED Lights
  • 2x Outdoor Led lights
  • 1 x 30w Solar Panel
  • 1 x Manual

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