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12 inch Fivestar solar floor fan


Introducing the Fivestar Solar-Powered Floor Fan: Embrace the Breeze, Unleash Comfort!

Is the sweltering heat leaving you feeling frazzled? Are swirling dust clouds making you reconsider your path? Say goodbye to discomfort with the revolutionary Fivestar Floor Fan, your ultimate solution to the relentless heat and stagnant air. Whether you’re seeking a cooling companion for industrial spaces, a refreshing addition to your home, or a breath of fresh air in the office, this cutting-edge fan is your answer.

Features – Fivestar Solar-Powered Floor Fan:

Stay Cool for Longer:

With a staggering 10 hours of battery life, the Fivestar Solar-Powered Floor Fan ensures you remain comfortably cool throughout your day. Its reliable Lithium Ion Battery guarantees extended usage without any interruptions.

Versatile Power Options:

Whether you’re plugged into an AC/DC power source or harnessing the sun’s energy through solar functionality, this fan adapts to your environment. No more worries about power cuts or limited outlets.

Tailored Comfort:

Offering 3 adjustable levels of airflow, you’re in control of your comfort. Customize the breeze to suit your preference and enjoy the perfect atmosphere for work, relaxation, or rejuvenation.

Compact Yet Powerful:

This Solar-Powered Floor Fan is conveniently sized at 43x24x38.5cm, making it easy to position in any space. Despite its compact design, it boasts a robust weight of 3676g, ensuring stability and durability.

Are you ready to bid farewell to heat-induced discomfort? The Fivestar Floor Fan is your ticket to an oasis of coolness, whether you’re in a bustling industrial setting, the cozy confines of your home, or the bustling energy of your office. With its long-lasting battery, adaptable power options, and adjustable airflow settings, this fan promises to revolutionize the way you experience comfort.

Take charge of your environment, embrace the refreshing breeze, and reclaim your space from the clutches of heat and dust. Elevate your comfort with the Fivestar Solar-Powered Floor Fan today!

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