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Fivestar/Sunmagic 3.5KVA 3KW 24V MPPT Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Solar Inverter

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Upgrade your power supply with the Fivestar/Sunmagic 3.5KVA 3KW 24V MPPT Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Solar Inverter. Say goodbye to the hassles of load shedding and embrace a reliable solar inverter that’s perfect for both home and office environments.

This 3.5KVA 3KW 24V Solar Inverter. packs a punch, capable of powering a wide range of appliances, including motor-driven devices like tube lights, fans, refrigerators, and even air conditioners. With its pure sine wave output, your sensitive electronics are in safe hands, ensuring smooth and stable operation.

Customize your power settings with ease through the LCD display, allowing you to configure the input voltage range for your appliances and adjust the battery charging current based on your specific needs.

Key Features – Fivestar/Sunmagic 3.5KVA 3KW 24V Solar Inverter.:

  • Eco Mode: Enjoy power savings while running your appliances.
  • MPPT Technology: Benefit from efficient solar charging with the built-in solar charge controller.
  • LCD Display: Navigate and configure your inverter settings with a full-color display.
  • Battery Compatibility: Choose between rechargeable lithium or VRLA batteries to suit your preferences.


Inverter Mode:

  • Rated Power: 3500VA/3000W
  • DC Input: 24VDC, 146A
  • AC Output: 230VAC, 50Hz, 13A, 1

AC Charger Mode:

  • AC Input: 230VAC, 50Hz, 13A, 1
  • DC Output: 27VDC, 29A
  • AC Output: 230VAC, 50Hz, 13A, 1

Solar Charger Mode:

  • Rated Current: 60A
  • System Voltage: 24VDC
  • Best VMP Range: 30-105VDC
  • Minimum Solar Voltage: 30VDC
  • Maximum Solar Voltage: 150VDC

Whats in the box?

  • 1 x 3.5KVA 24V MPPT Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Solar Inverter

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