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FiveStar-Sunmagic 5.5KVA 5KW 48v Pure Sine PWM Hybrid Solar Inverter

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The FiveStar-Sunmagic 5.5KVA 48v Pure Sine PWM Hybrid Solar Inverter is a high-quality power management system designed to provide reliable and efficient solar energy solutions. With a built-in 60Amp PWM Solar Controller, this hybrid inverter ensures maximum efficiency and is ideal for powering homes and businesses.

This package includes a user manual and a software CD, making it easy to set up and customize your solar power system. The pure sine wave technology ensures stable and reliable power output, making it safe for sensitive electronic devices.

With its rugged and durable design, the FiveStar-Sunmagic Pure Sine PWM Hybrid Solar Inverter is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and is an excellent choice for off-grid and hybrid power systems. Invest in this powerful hybrid inverter to start harnessing the power of the sun and create a sustainable and reliable power source for your home or business.

Specifications: FiveStar-Sunmagic 5.5KVA 5KW 48v Pure Sine PWM Hybrid Solar Inverter

  • Input Voltage: 230Vac
  • Output Voltage: 230Vac
  • Maximum Power: 5.5KVA / 5KW
  • Solar Charge Controller: Built-in 60Amp PWM
  • Communication Port: RS232

Product Features:

  • High-quality and reliable pure sine wave inverter
  • Built-in 60Amp PWM solar charge controller for efficient solar charging
  • RS232 communication port for easy monitoring and control
  • Suitable for both on-grid and off-grid solar systems
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy installation and transportation
  • Comes with a user manual, and software CD

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