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300W Indoor/Outdoor Solar Ceiling light

Original price was: R880.00.Current price is: R749.99.

The 300W solar ceiling light is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to illuminate any indoor or outdoor space. Its LED lamp beads produce a bright, warm light while consuming minimal power, and the light’s unique optical controlled technology allows it to automatically charge during the day and activate at night, helping to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

This durable and long-lasting light is suitable for use in a variety of locations, including gardens, courtyards, living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, and campsites. Its low heat emission and low power consumption make it a safe and efficient choice for all your lighting needs.

The 300W solar ceiling light comes with a solar panel and a remote control for added convenience. The solar panel can be mounted on the exterior of the building, facing the sun, to maximize the amount of solar energy it can collect. The remote allows you to adjust the light settings from a distance, including the brightness and color temperature. The light also includes wall mount bolts for secure installation on a wall or ceiling.

In addition to its performance, the 300W solar ceiling light helps you save money on energy bills. Its energy-saving and environmentally friendly design make it a smart choice for both your budget and the planet.

What’s in the box:

  • 1X LED Ceiling lamp with cable
  • 1x Solar Panel
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Wall Mount Bolts

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