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LuxPower 5KW 48V Solar Inverter

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LuxPower Hybrid Inverter 5KW 48V – Your Power Solution for Every Need

Introducing the LuxPower Hybrid Inverter 5KW 48V, Model: SNA 5000 WPV, your ultimate answer to seamless and reliable power supply in any situation. This advanced inverter is designed to handle a wide range of applications, providing you with robust power performance and adaptability.


  • Rated Power: This LuxPower Hybrid Inverter delivers a solid 5000VA/5000W of power, ensuring your energy needs are met with ease.
  • Parallel Capability: With support for up to 9 units in parallel, this inverter offers scalability and redundancy for added reliability.
  • Pure Sine-Wave: Its pure sine-wave technology guarantees optimal performance, making it safe for even the most sensitive electronics.
  • Solar-Ready: Designed for efficient solar energy utilization, this inverter can handle a maximum PV array power of 6000W.
  • 2 MPPT Controllers: These enhance solar efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your solar panels.
  • AC Charger: With a charge current of 60A, this inverter efficiently charges your batteries, ensuring they’re always ready to go.
  • Built-in BMS: The built-in Battery Management System (BMS) ensures safe and efficient battery management, adding to the longevity of your power system.
  • Impressive Surge Power: The inverter can handle a surge power of 10,000VA, accommodating peak loads without a hitch.
  • High Efficiency: With peak efficiency reaching 93% and maximum solar charge current support of 100A, you’ll maximize your energy utilization.
  • Adaptable Voltage Range: Selectable voltage ranges ensure compatibility with various appliances.
  • Fast Transfer Time: Swift transfer times (10ms for personal computers and 20ms for home appliances) ensure an uninterrupted power supply.
  • Frequency Auto-Sensing: The inverter automatically senses and adjusts to 50Hz or 60Hz frequencies for versatile use.

Specifications – LuxPower Hybrid Inverter 5KW 48V:

Model: SNA 5000 WPV

Battery Voltage: 48VDC

Inverter Output:

  • Waveform: Pure Sine-Wave
  • Rated Power: 5000VA/5000W
  • Parallel Capability: Yes, 9 units
  • AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode): 230VAC ± 5% @ 50/60Hz
  • Surge Power: 10000VA
  • Efficiency (Peak): 93%
  • Transfer Time: 10ms (For Personal Computers); 20ms (For Home Appliances)

Solar Charger:

  • Maximum PV Array Power: 6000W
  • 2 MPPT Controllers
  • MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 100VDC ~ 385 VDC
  • Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage: 480VDC
  • Maximum Efficiency: 98%
  • Maximum Solar Charge Current: 100A

AC Charger:

  • Charge Current: 60A
  • AC Input Voltage: 230 VAC
  • Selectable Voltage Range: 110-280 VAC (For Personal Computers); 90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)

Built-in BMS (Battery Management System):

  • BMS Compatible with: Pylon, Dyness, BYD, Shoto, Revov, UZ Energy

Wifi Remote Monitoring: Yes

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