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Luxpower SNA 5000 and LBSA 5.3kWh Wall Mount Battery Combo

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Luxpower SNA 5000 and LBSA 5.3kWh Wall Mount Battery Combo

Elevate your energy independence with the Luxpower SNA 5000 and LBSA 5.3kWh Battery Combo. This powerful duo seamlessly integrates advanced technology with reliable energy storage to provide efficient power solutions for residential and commercial settings.

Inverter Specs – Luxpower SNA 5000 and LBSA 5.3kWh Wall Mount Battery Combo:

  • ECO Hybrid Inverter Model: SNA5000 WPV
  • Solar Charger Mode:
    • Max.PV input voltage (VOC): 480VDC
    • MPPT voltage range: 120 – 385VDC
    • Number of input strings: 2
    • Max. charge current: 110A
  • AC Charger Mode:
    • AC input: 230VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 40A, 1Φ
    • Max. AC charge current: 60A
  • Battery Mode:
    • Battery input voltage range: 38.4 – 60VDC
    • Type of battery: Lead-acid/Lithium
    • Rated power: 5000VA/5000W
    • AC output: 230VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 22A, 1Φ
  • Environment:
    • Altitude: <2000m
    • Operating ambient temperature range: 0 – 50°C
    • Display: LCD + LED for clear monitoring.
    • Protective class: I
    • Ingress protection: IP 20
    • Communication: WIFI / GPRS for remote monitoring and control.

Battery Specs:

  • Nominal Voltage (V): 51.2V for reliable power supply.
  • Nominal Capacity (Ah): 104Ah for sustained energy storage.
  • Nominal Power (kWh): >5.2kWh @0.4c (tested) for efficient energy delivery.
  • Dimensions: 630mm345mm137mm for space-efficient installation.
  • Weight (Kg): 42Kg for easy handling.
  • Discharge Cut-off Voltage(V): 44V for battery protection.
  • Charge Voltage (Bulk + Absorption) (V): 56.2V for optimal charging.
  • Max Discharge Current (A): 100A for high-power applications.
  • Recommended Charge Current (A): 50A for efficient charging.
  • Communication Interface: CAN for seamless integration.
  • Configuration: 16S for balanced power distribution.
  • Working Temperature:
    • 0~50°C(Charge)
    • -20~50°C(Discharge)
    • -20~55°C(Storage)
  • Cell Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) for durability.
  • Cycle Life: >80% capacity state after 4800 cycles at 0.5C, 25°C,100% DOD for long-term reliability.
  • IP Level: >IP20 for protection against dust and moisture.


  • 2 years on inverter for peace of mind.
  • 10 years on battery for reliability and durability.

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