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MC4 3 To 1 T Branch Connectors


Introducing the MC4 3 To 1 T Branch Connectors, the perfect solution for connecting multiple solar panels together into one efficient unit.

Designers created these connectors to offer high durability and reliability. With a current rating of 30A and a voltage rating of 1000V DC, they are an ideal choice for most solar installations.

These connectors feature tin-plated copper contact material and PPO insulation material. Additionally, this design allows them to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, while at the same time maintaining high performance. With a degree of protection of IP67 and a temperature range of -40℃ to +110℃, these connectors can handle extreme temperatures and are resistant to water, dust and debris.

Furthermore, these connectors are easy to install with an insertion force of ≤50N and a withdrawal force of ≥50N. The safety class of Ⅱ meets them and they have a rating for overvoltage type/pollution degree of CAT Ⅲ /2. A test voltage of 6000V (50Hz, 1min) tested them and they received a flame class rating of UL94-VO.

Therefore, for any solar installation that requires multiple panels to be connected in one unit, the MC4 T Branch Connector is the perfect solution. Upgrade your solar setup today with the reliable and efficient MC4 3 To 1 T Branch Connectors.

Specifications – MC4 3 To 1 T Branch Connectors:

  • Rated current: 30A
  • Rated voltage: 1000V DC
  • Test voltage: 6000V (50Hz, 1min)
  • Overvoltage type/pollution degree: CAT III/2
  • Contact resistance of plug connector: 1mΩ
  • Contact material: Copper, Tin-plated
  • Insulation material: PPO
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Flame class: UL94-VO
  • Safety class: II
  • Insertion force/withdrawal force: ≤50N/≥50N
  • Temperature range: -40℃ ~ +110℃

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