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Omega Inverter 150W OP-W150

Original price was: R489.00.Current price is: R399.99.

Introducing the Omega Inverter 150W OP-W150, the perfect solution to power outages and load shedding. Keep your home lit and your electronics running during times of uncertainty with this efficient and reliable inverter.

With a 75% efficiency rating, the Omega OP-W150 inverter can power up to 150W worth of technology. That means you can easily run multiple devices simultaneously, such as 2 x 6W lights and a 45W LED TV, like the Omega OM-175 LED TV, with a total power usage of 57W.

This compact and lightweight machine is incredibly easy to use, making it the perfect addition to your home during load shedding. It can power a range of devices including lights, DVD players, LED TVs, radios, Hi-Fis, and WiFi routers.

The Omega Inverter 150W OP-W150 has a variety of specifications that make it an efficient and reliable power source. It has an input voltage of DC 10-14V, input current of 0.15-13A, self-consumption equal to or more than 1.5%, output voltage of AC 165-270V, output frequency of 50-60Hz, efficiency rating of 75%, and a measurement of 19.7x10x16cm with a net weight of 1.5Kg.

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Specifications – Omega Inverter 150W OP-W150:

  • Input voltage: DC 10 – 14V
  • Input current: 0.15 – 13A
  • Self-consumption: equal to or more than 1.5%
  • Output voltage: AC 165 – 270V
  • Output frequency: 50 – 60Hz
  • Efficiency: 75%
  • Measurement: 19.7x10x16cm
  • Net weight: 1.5Kg

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Inverter 150W
  • 1 x User manual
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