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Outdoor Solar Flood Light 1200W


Save on Energy Costs with the Outdoor Solar Flood Light 1200W

Enjoy the benefits of entirely solar-powered and wireless installation with the Outdoor Solar Flood Light 1200W. In addition saving you electricity costs while providing lighting and safety for your garden, garage, road, or shack at any time. Use it as wall lights, street lights, garden lights, and more.

Experience Ultra-Bright Lighting.

Equipped with ultra-bright LED lamp beads and a larger solar panel, this solar light works continuously for 12 hours after being fully charged. The high-power polysilicon solar panels offer efficient charging and long-life lighting, backed by a large-capacity lithium battery with stable battery life and overcharge protection.

Enjoy All-Weather Performance – With an IP67 waterproof rating, this waterproof solar floodlight can be installed outdoors all year round and is suitable for use in gardens, garages, yards, swimming pools, and more.

Benefit from Wider Coverage – The LED upgrade and wide range of lighting angles provide excellent brightness and a larger lighting range. Making this solar landscape light more fashionable and practical compared to other LED lights on the market.

Enjoy Versatile Functionality – This light offers light control, remote control, timer switch, and brightness dimming. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge and can provide lighting for 10-15 hours at full power. The solar panel measures 470350mm, covering a range of 2002 square, with 512 lamp beads and a 33000+ MAH battery.

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What’s in the box?
1x 1200w LED Solar Flood Light

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