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Sunsynk 5kW 48Vdc Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with WIFI included


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Introducing the Sunsynk 5kW 48Vdc Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with WIFI included: Your Gateway to Efficient and Reliable Power Management

The Sunsynk 5kW 48Vdc Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with included Wi-Fi is a game-changer in the world of energy management. This innovative inverter brings a host of advanced features to your fingertips, providing you with the utmost control and reliability in managing your power needs. One of its standout features is its compatibility with a wide range of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the energy storage solution that suits your unique requirements. With a dedicated mobile app for monitoring, you can keep tabs on your system’s performance from the convenience of your smartphone, giving you unparalleled insight and control over your energy consumption. Whether you’re looking for automatic mode switching, zero export power capability, or scalability for future expansion, this hybrid inverter has got you covered. It’s the ideal choice for homeowners and businesses alike, providing seamless and efficient power management.

Features – Sunsynk 5kW 48Vdc Single Phase Hybrid Inverter with WIFI included:

  • Compatible with a wide range of lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
  • Mobile App for monitoring.
  • IP65 rated.
  • Automatic switching from grid-tied to off-grid mode.
  • Zero export power capability
  • 16 x units can be paralleled in a single installation
  • Essential and non-essential loads outputs.
  • Wi-Fi dongle (for remote monitoring) and CT-clamp as standard.


  • Inputs: PV solar, AC grid power, batteries, and a generator.
  • Output Voltage: 220/230/240Vac.
  • Continuous Power: 5,000W.
  • Backup Power: 5,000W.
  • DC Voltage: 48V.
  • Battery Charger: 120A.
  • Transfer time: <= 10ms
  • Battery charger:
    • Adjustable for battery bank size and type
    • Can charge Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries
    • Li-ion battery charging self-adapts to BMS
  • Solar Input:

    • Max power input – 6500W
    • Max V DC input – 370V (100V~500V)
    • Max current input – 13A + 13A
    • MPPTs – 2
    • MPPT Range – 125~425V
  • Multi-Core Processor: Designed for high reliability and fast response, ensuring efficient power management.
  • Programmable Export: Tailor your power export settings to your specific needs.
  • Operating Modes: Choose from a variety of modes including grid-tie only, hybrid, off-grid, and battery-only, depending on your requirements.
  • Additional Features: AC couple for additional PV input, 6-stage time-of-use settings, and an IP65 rating for enhanced durability.

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